Twitter Could Launch A New Verification Program Next Week

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 13 May 2021

twitter new verification program

Twitter could announce a new verification program as early as next week. This new program would allow normal Twitter users to apply for verification, and if the process goes through, the user will be awarded with a ‘blue tick’ next to his/her profile.

Twitter has long been at work this year. The company first announced new features like Super Follow earlier this year, and just last week, Twitter announced a new ‘Tip Jar’ feature. Today, researcher Jane Manchum Wong shared that the company is planning to introduce a new verification system next week.

Under the new verification system, Twitter will ask users to fill a form in which they’ll have to declare whether the applicant is an activist, a company, an entertainment group, a journalist, among others. They’ll also have to share a government-issued ID and a photo ID with Twitter along with ‘news articles’ written about them.

If Twitter deems a user worthy, he/she will be awarded with a ‘blue tick’ next to their profile. There’s no mention of how much time the verification process could take. Though the last time Twitter opened it, it took some users months to get verified.

Along with the new verification program, Twitter could also roll out new labels for verified accounts. Currently, only government accounts are labeled on the social network. With the new labeling system, Twitter would add a tag to a verified user profile enabling other people to understand whether the account represents the government, a politician, content creator, or journalist, for example.

Twitter has already uploaded detailed guidelines regarding the verification process, its requirements, etc, on its FAQ page. Have you been waiting to get verified on Twitter? How long have you been using Twitter for? Let us know in the comments section below!