Twitter’s New Safety Mode Is Designed to Curtail Toxicity and Harassment on the Platform

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 1 Sep 2021

twitter blue

Twitter almost always has new features lined up for launch. Recently we saw a slew of new Twitter features focused on improving user experience. This time around, Twitter is testing an anti-abuse feature called ‘Safety Mode.’ The new feature aims at addressing harassment on the platform and take action against the perpetrators.

Like other social media platforms, Twitter is known for toxicity. The “Safety Mode” is expected to add security to Twitter users against toxicity. Interestingly the Safety Mode is optional and requires to be toggled on manually. You need to toggle the mode from the settings menu. Once activated, it uses an algorithm for screening and weeding out potential abuse. Furthermore, the mode lasts for seven days, and if needed, you can reactivate it.

Twitter Product Lead Jarrod Doherty says, “Our goal is to better protect the individual on the receiving end of Tweets by reducing the prevalence and visibility of harmful remarks.”

Twitter says the Safe Mode will be rolled out in a staged manner. In other words, it could take quite some time for the new feature to roll out broadly. Currently, the company is testing Safe Mode for feedback with a small focus group of 1000 users. Initially, the feature will be available for English users and eventually expand to other languages.

Twitter’s Safety Mode algorithm filters out content based on hateful language, unnecessary mention, and spamming. Furthermore, the algorithm also takes into account whether the targeted user is following the account or not. This also means accounts that you follow will not be subjected to the purview of the algorithm. Twitter is notorious for toxicity, hate speech, harassment, and offensive language. Multiple accounts gang up and involve in ‘organized trolling.’ Hopefully, Twitter’s Safety Mode will safeguard users against harassment and ensure better mental health.

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