Twitter Spaces Could Get a Dedicated Page on the App

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 2 Jun 2021

twitter spaces dedicated tab page

It’s only been a month since Twitter rolled out its Clubhouse-like competitor, Spaces. According to a new leak, Twitter is already working on a redesign for Spaces. A new screenshot has revealed that a future Twitter app update could bring a dedicated Spaces page to the app.

Earlier when Twitter revealed the feature, it said that anyone with a minimum of 600 followers could start a Space. Since the feature’s launch, Spaces has been received quite well. More so more, Clubhouse opened up for Android nearly two weeks after the launch of Spaces, in fear of losing a market.

Now that everyone has been accustomed to Spaces, Twitter is reportedly working on a dedicated page for the feature. Popular app researcher Jane Wong tweeted a screenshot, possibly revealing the first look at the page. Under this page, it seems, Twitter will be laying out all the active Spaces under one area.

All the live Spaces will be listed under the ‘Happening Now’ section. Twitter might add functionality in a future update that would allow users to listen to the already-ended Spaces. The company has also been working on ticketed Spaces that would enable creators to earn money by conducting Spaces on its app.

Currently, Twitter lays out all the active Spaces in the top bar, where its fleets reside. It will be interesting to see when Twitter rolls out this feature on its iOS and Android app.

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