Twitter Announces Super Follows for $4.99/Month, Auto Blocking, More

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 25 Feb 2021

twitter super follow

Twitter, today at its Annual Investor Relations virtual event, announced new features for its platform. The new features include auto-blocking, Facebook-like communities, and Super Follows. Here’s everything you need to know.

Super Follow

Revealed during its Analyst Day event, Super Follow is a Patreon-like paid service from the social media giant. Twitter says it’s been working on it for quite some time. The new service would allow users to get exclusive content, deals, and community access to creators for $4.99/month, much similar to Patreon. Users would be allowed to cancel this subscription at any time.

super follow twitter exclusive content

Twitter hasn’t revealed a lot about the service right now. From the screenshots posted by Twitter, a user would be able to get perks like Supporter badge, Subscriber-only Newsletters, Exclusive content, Deals & discounts, Community access from creators. It isn’t known if the service would allow you to subscribe to as many creators as you want, or you would have to pay $4.99/month for each creator.

In Patreon, you currently have to subscribe to different creators at different pricing. The direct payment feature has been a hit for the company, and even companies like YouTube and Facebook have introduced the paid service. Twitter will, supposedly, take a cut from the subscription cost, though it still hasn’t announced what it will be.


Twitter also revealed a new service called Communities. Much similar to Facebook Groups, people would be able to create and join groups similar to their interests. This will, Twitter says, allow users to see more tweets focused on those topics. Facebook Groups has been a successful launch for the social media giant but given Twitter’s toxicity and Group’s moderation problem, only time will tell if the service takes off.

Auto Blocking

auto block twitter

Twitter has also revealed a new feature called Auto blocking. Not much is known about the service right now. But taking a look at the screenshot posted during the event, the feature could allow you to block accounts that ‘break Twitter rules.’ The feature would also allow you to mute users that might be insulting others, or using strong language, or hateful remarks.

The company recently announced its voice DMs feature. Twitter has also been known to be asking users if they would like an undo send feature as a part of its paid program, but that feature hasn’t been revealed today.

Twitter hasn’t announced a date on when these features would be available. We’ll update this article as and when the feature goes live, or Twitter announces a date.

What are your thoughts on Twitter’s new features? Which one do you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below!