Twitter Is Testing Advanced Direct Message Search and Emoji-Style Reactions

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 5 Jul 2021

twitter blue

Nearly every other week, we are spotting new Twitter features. Last month researcher Jane Wong revealed that Twitter is working on Tweet reactions similar to the ones on iMessage. Now, developer Nima Owji has revealed that Twitter is working on reactions and a new advanced search feature.

Twitter always lacked a good search feature for DM’s. Many people use direct messaging to stay in touch or send important messages. Twitter is now testing an advanced search feature that will let you search within DM. Twitter is currently testing the feature, and it is expected to launch on iPhone and iPad apps.

Previously, the Reactions feature was spotted with only “Hmm” and “Haha” reactions. Now it looks like Twitter has worked on other reactions as well. The latest reveal by Owji shows off all the emoji reactions. Users will have to hold the Like button long enough to access the emoji. The developer used reverse engineering to unearth a new Twitter feature. We don’t know when Twitter reactions will be available on the Twitter app.

Recently Twitter released a slew of new features, including Spaces, Tip Jar, Twitter Blue, Super Follow and overhauled the verification program. Furthermore, the company is coming up with new avenues that will help creators earn money. The developer, Owji, has an impressive track record and was the first one to reveal Twitter’s Fleet and Spaces feature.

Last week a report claimed that Twitter is exploring three new features. Currently, they are in the concept stage, and the mockups look very impressive. The trusted friends feature lets you Tweet to a subset of your follower. You can also choose members in each group, and the Tweet will only be visible to them.