Twitter’s Ticketed Space Live Audio Feature Now Available for Some iPhone Users

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 27 Aug 2021

In June this year, Twitter announced that it is testing a new paid live audio rooms feature called “Ticketed Spaces.” Now the company has revealed it is extending the feature for some iOS users. The Ticketed Spaces is soon expected to be available for all iOS devices.

In yesterday’s announcement, Twitter said, “Know it’s taking us a little time, but we want to get this right for you.” Creators can choose to charge anywhere between $1 to $999 for access to ticketed rooms. Furthermore, they can also choose to cap the room capacity. In other words, creators can choose how many people can join the room.

Twitter offers an interesting revenue-sharing model for creators. The test group participants get to keep 97 percent of the revenue. However, the 97% cut is after the Apple Store fee of 30%. In other words, the creators could end up paying nearly as much as 50% of their revenue in the form of multiple fees.

Twitter says it will increase the fees from 3% to 20% once the earnings cross $50,000. However, the fee increase will be enforced only after the feature is widely available. Meanwhile, the company has worked on how users can discover or search for these live rooms. For some users, they show up at the top of the mobile app. It will also show audio rooms your followers are listening to. Twitter also offers third-party integration so that third-party apps can integrate the feature and lead users to Ticketed Spaces.

What are Twitter Ticketed Spaces?

Twitter’s Ticketed Spaces is heavily inspired by Clubhouse. Those interested can purchase a ticket and get to attend a live audio session. Twitter opened up Ticketed Spaces in June for accounts with minimum of 1,000 followers.

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