Video: MagSafe Battery Pack Teardown Reveals Dual Battery, NFC Coil, and More

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 23 Jul 2021

Apple recently unveiled the MagSafe Battery pack for iPhone 12. The new MagSafe Battery pack has drawn mixed reactions. One of the downsides is that MagSafe Battery doesnt support wireless charging. Charger Lab, a YouTube channel, has posted a teardown of MagSafe Battery for iPhone 12. The video offers better insights into what goes into the making of Apple’s latest accessory.

The video starts by unboxing the MagSafe Battery pack with a focus on its construction and dimension. In the next part, you can see the Battery Pack’s dual-cell design. It closely resembles two iPhone batteries connected in series. Furthermore, the total power output stands at 11.13Wh, and is drawn from two batteries with 3.82 and 7.62 volts respectively.

Apple Battery Pack case has a nasty reputation of being bulky, and the MagSafe is no different. However, you will get an extra 1,460mAh capacity. The teardown video walks us through every aspect of how the battery pack works.


MagSafe Battery Thermal Management

The teardown video reveals that the MagSafe Battery pack comprises capacitive sensing coils, NFC detection coil and chip, and a thermal dissipation system. One of the earliest report claimed that MagSafe Battery pack development was delayed as the iPhone software keep presuming that iPhone was heating. It is not clear whether Apple resorted to software or hardware fix to address this issue. You can see the ring made up of 60 tiny magnets that hold the iPhone. On a related note, check out this clever hack that lets you use a battery pack as a magnetic charging stand.

Unlike iFixit, ChargerLab doesnt add a repairability score. MagSafe Battery pack construction looks pretty complex with several tiny parts. In other words, it could be pretty hard to fix it. That said, battery-pack fails seldom, and warranty will cover any defects. MagSafe Battery for iPhone 12 is priced at $99.