You Can Now Login to Adobe’s Services With Apple Account

BY Asif Shaik

Published 22 Jan 2020

Adobe logo

Adobe, one of the world’s most popular brands for photo editing applications, is now offering “Sign-in with Apple” option for its Creative Cloud as well as for its various other apps.

Up until now, if you wanted to use any of Adobe’s services, you needed to sign-in with the brand’s account (which you need to create separately) or you had an option to sign-in using your Facebook or Google account (if you had one).

Creating an account on Adobe not only takes a considerable amount of time, but you also have to remember its login details every time you need to sign-in. Which is why most people use their Facebook or Google accounts to sign in to Adobe’s products.

However, if you use your Facebook or Google account to sign-in to Adobe’s services, Adobe has access to some of your personal data, such as user activities and basic information. So, neither methods are ideal for some.

Adobe's sign-in with Apple option

Here is where “Sign-in with Apple” comes into the play. You don’t need to create an Adobe account. You can use your Apple account to sign-in to Adobe’s services. And the best thing is that Apple doesn’t share any of your personal data with Adobe.

Option to login with the Apple account not only makes the sign-in process faster, but it also keeps your personal information safe. Currently, the option to sign-in with the Apple account is available on 18 of Adobe’s apps including Creative Cloud.

Our Take:

With the growing number of services people are using nowadays, it is hard to create an account and remember login credentials for each platform. And we think more and more companies should offer people an option to sign-in with Apple, Facebook, or Google accounts, to make it easier for the people to sign-up to any platform.