Adobe Announces Major Updates to Fresco and Photoshop for iPad

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 10 May 2022


iPads have been the hot favorite among professionals and creators for getting work done on the go. Today, Adobe announced a significant update to the Photoshop and Fresco apps for iPad. The latest update to the former brings several new features, such as Content-Aware Fill and Select Subject Portrait. Meanwhile, Fresco’s latest update also includes new tools such as Liquify and Magic Wand.

Photoshop on iPad Now Resembles Desktop Application

Like earlier updates, the latest update of Photoshop for iPad borrows several features from the desktop version of the program. For instance, Content-Aware Fill uses the power of AI to replace a selected region of the image with content best suited to match the region surrounding the selection. It is comparable to the Magic Eraser feature popularized by Google’s Pixel 6 lineup.

Similarly, Remove Background allows you to conveniently remove the background of an image in a single tap. Select Subject Portrait gives you granular control over portrait shoots to select individual people in photos. You can use the feature to clean up wisps of hair and edges of clothes, so they don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

➤ Download – Adobe Photoshop for iPad

Fresco Gets New Tools

Fresco is the Adobe suite’s drawing and doodling app for creatives. Adobe promises that the latest update to the iPad app is one of the most significant releases.

The updated app includes a new Magic Wand selection tool that makes accurate selections based on the color of the pixels. Like the Magic Wand tool in other Adobe programs, the tool hopes to eliminate the need to use other tedious selection methods.

The updated Fresco app on iPad also packs a new Liquify tool that allows blending colors on the canvas as though they were fluid. Liquify can be accessed under the Transform set of tools.

Other noteworthy improvements in this Fresco update are the vector manga brushes, the definition of reference layers, the ability to capture perspective grids from images, better control over moving compositions through the Frames action menu, and a recent brushes list.

➤ Download – Adobe Fresco for iPad

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