Adobe Photoshop for iPad Gets Select Subject Feature with an Update

BY Asif Shaik

Published 16 Dec 2019

Adobe Photoshop Select Subject feature for iPad

Adobe is rolling out an update to the Photoshop for iPad. While the update brings numerous improvements, the Select Subject feature it packs is the one that everyone has been waiting for.

The new feature, as the name suggests, lets you select any subject in an image. The Photoshop app then uses its Sensei-powered AI and intelligently outlines the chosen subject. You can then remove the selected subject from the picture or use it in a different background.

For example, if there is an unwanted object in a photo, you can use the Select Subject feature to remove it. The subject can be anything – humans, pets, cars, just anything.

Without this new feature, you’d have to outline the subject manually, which is hugely time-consuming and also requires expertise. Moreover, the manual outline doesn’t usually yield results as good as that executed using the AI-based Select Subject feature.

Adobe has also fixed bugs, improved the overall performance of the app, and tweaked the UI. The update is available on the App Store for all Photoshop users. Here is a complete changelog as posted by Adobe on the App Store.

Presenting our first of many new features – Select Subject! We’ve been hard at work getting this Adobe Sensei-powered AI tool for making one-tap, accurate selections in your work, making your workflow fast and easy! We’ve also smoothed out a handful of bugs to keep your experience performing to Photoshop’s high standards. Here’s a list of updates and bug fixes:

– Select Subject is now available within the selection tools menu – simply long-press or double-tap on the selection tool, and tap “”Select Subject”” to automatically draw an accurate selection around the main subject of your layer!

– Major improvements to cloud documents have come, to optimize the upload and download of your files. Expect speed improvements when opening up your cloud documents in Photoshop.

– The dark mode setting in the app can now be set to match with your iPadOS setting.

– Many common bugs have been quickly squashed and fixed, including:

○ UI: tweaks to the UI to address layer thumbnails, dismissing popovers, refreshing while offline, and tool options

○ Brushing: fixed some instances where unwanted brush strokes appeared while masking, or brush strokes didn’t appear when expected

○ Image placing: updated CC Libraries to sync folders properly, fixed issues with Adobe Stock licensed photos and watermarks

○ Type: fixed some instances of letter capitalization, issues on ‘undo’ action with new layers and Japanese text

○ Input: updated gaussian blur and touch shortcut tools to address keyboard and UI bugs

○ Miscellaneous: addressed some issues causing crashes on file opening, correct image dimensions, and split-screen view UI bugs

[Source: Adobe]