Adobe Photoshop for iPad Gets Curves and Apple Pencil Improvements

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 19 May 2020

Adobe today announced a pretty major update for Photoshop for iPad. The app was released on the App Store in November last year after months of beta testing. The initial version of Photoshop for iPad lacked a lot of features that led to a barrage of criticism, though Adobe promised that it was a work in progress and it would keep adding new features continuously.

The major highlight of this update is the introduction of curves that will allow one to adjust contrast, exposure, highlights, saturation, and other aspects of an image in a non-destructive way. The eyedropper tool and numerical inputs for accurate adjustments are also planned and should be a part of a future update of the app. Curves is an important feature in any photo editing tool so its omission from Photoshop on the iPad was a big deal.

Apple Pencil users now also have the option to adjust the pressure sensitivity in Photoshop for iPad. The app automatically increased or decreased the size of the brushstroke depending on the amount of pressure applied on the screen. Since some users found the feature to be a bit too sensitive, there is now an option for them to adjust how quickly the size of the brushstrokes transitions between thick and thin.

Photoshop for iPad is already included in Photoshop CC’s subscription. The app also integrates with Creative Cloud which means it will automatically sync all your work across devices. So, you can start working on an image on your iPad and then continue where you left off on your PC.

Despite these new features, Photoshop for iPad is still a long way from reaching parity in terms of features with its desktop counterpart.

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