Adobe Photoshop for iPad Gets Edge Brush and Rotate Canvas Tools, Edges Closer to Desktop Version

BY Asif Shaik

Published 27 Jul 2020

Adobe Photoshop For Apple iPad

Adobe launched the Photoshop app for iPad last year with much fanfare, but the professional-grade image editing software received poor reviews due to missing features and bugs. A few days later, Adobe rolled out an update to fix bugs and performance issues. Later, the app received the Select Subject feature, which is quite useful for many professionals. Now, the app has received two important features, edging closer the its desktop version.

Adobe has rolled out a new update for the Photoshop app for iPads, and the update brings two new features: Edge Brush and Rotate Canvas. The Refine Edge Brush tool extremely important for photographers as it is the only way to select edges of things like fur and hair with accuracy. It lets you brush the edges of subjects if you want to refine the selection.

The app also gets refined touch controls that are easier to use with fingers.  However, Adobe says that it will still deliver results that are similar to the desktop version. Next up, the Rotate Canvas tool, which is not as useful on desktops as it is on tablets. Similar to rotating images on an iPad, the whole canvas in Photoshop can be rotated by turning it using two fingers.

Adobe Photoshop is the go-to tool for photographers and designers all over the world, and there’s hardly an alternative that comes close to Photoshop. However, most loyal users were frustrated with the earlier versions of Photoshop for iPad as it was missing a lot of core tools. The company has steadily added all the core tools with app updates, and it should now satisfy most users.

Adobe Photoshop For iPad Refine Edge Brush Tool

Adobe Photoshop also received the Curves feature and Apple Pencil improvements with an update a few months ago, making the app more usable. Apple had happily announced the arrival of the Photoshop app on iPadOS, portraying its tablet as a powerful alternative to traditional computers such as desktops and laptops.

Adobe Photoshop For iPad Rotate Canvas Tool

Our Take

Although iPad sales have been declining over the past few years as smartphones are getting larger screens, Apple has been able to attract more developers and brands to launch their apps and games on the iPad. With iPadOS 13.4, it brought the ability to use mice, keyboards, and trackpads, making it a proper alternative to computers. With iPadOS 14, the company added even more features that would make users’ workflow easier.