AirPods Max Headband Can be Easily Removed Using SIM Ejector PIN

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 19 Jan 2021

AirPods Max teardown

The iFixit team has finally posted its detailed teardown of the AirPods Max which reveals quite a bit about the $550 headphones. Surprisingly, despite its unique construction, the AirPods Max managed to score a much more respectable repairability score than the AirPods and AirPods Pro.

The process of tearing down the AirPods Max is a fair bit different from any other headphones in the market, something which the iFixit team discovers during this process. While there are screws on the earcups of the AirPods Max which one is not supposed to remove. They are meant to be rotated just about a quarter to release a wedge on the other side.

AirPods Max headband removal

The teardown reveals that the battery for both AirPods Max ear cups is located inside the right earcup. It is made by Sunwoda with a total capacity of 664mAh. The iFixit team has also posted a video that shows the hinge of the AirPods Max in action.

When compared to other headphones in the market, Apple’s solution definitely looks complicated and over-engineered. However, as iFixit notes, the headband can be easily removed from the ear cups using a simple SIM ejector pin without even having to open the headphones. One just needs to poke the SIM ejector pin at the right spot.

AirPods Max teardown

Before the AirPods Max launched, there were rumors of the headphones shipping with a headband that could be easily replaced. It is possible that Apple was toying around with this idea until the last minute of the AirPods Max launch.

While complicated, the AirPods Max can definitely be repaired unlike the AirPods and AirPods Pro, though this will require a fair bit of effort and access to the right set of screwdrivers. The teardown also shows Apple’s focus on craftsmanship which is missing from other high-end headphones like the Sony 1000XM4 and the Bose 700.

Even if the AirPods Max does not fancy your attention, definitely check out the iFixit teardown below. The product is a perfect example of just how much Apple obsesses over even the simplest of things.

[Via iFixit]