AirPods Max Owners Complaining of Battery Draining to 1% Overnight

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 19 Jan 2021

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Despite its $549 price tag, Apple’s AirPods Max do not seem to be perfect and is suffering from the same problem as the regular AirPods: that of battery drain. Many AirPods Max owners are reporting that their headphones are draining from 100% to empty overnight. Since the AirPods Max does not come with a physical power button, the battery drain issue becomes particularly concerning as one cannot turn off the headphones to prevent the problem.

Apple requires that users place their AirPods Max inside the Smart Case to preserve battery life as they enter into an ultralow power mode. Without the Smart Case, when one keeps the AirPods Max down, they enter into a low power mode after 5 minutes to preserve battery life. After 72 hours of lying idle, they enter into an even lower power mode in which Bluetooth and Find My is turned off. With the Smart Case, the AirPods Max enters into the low power mode immediately and after about 18 hours, they go into the ultralow power mode.

However, AirPods Max users are complaining that despite keeping their device in the Smart Case, its battery is draining overnight to 0%. This is happening on a regular basis and so far no workaround has been discovered for this problem. Considering the AirPods Max does not come with a physical power button, this is definitely a major issue.

Also, Apple could have avoided the entire issue by simply adding a power button to its $549 headphones. One possible reason behind the unexplained battery drain could be that the headphones are being used with a non-Apple device or an Apple TV. When used solely with an iPhone, users are not experiencing any such unexplained battery drain problem.

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