Gucci’s New $980 AirPods Max Case Make the Headphones Look Affordable

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 1 Feb 2022

Gucci case for AirPods Max

If you thought the $19 Polishing Cloth was the most absurdly-priced Apple accessory you could buy, you were right—until now. An AirPods Max case from Gucci has entered the fray with a condescendingly high sticker price of $980. Yes, someone at Gucci thinks people would love to buy a case worth around twice as much as the item it is designed to protect.

The luxury Italian fashion brand’s “Ophidia case for AirPods Max” is available for sale online only. Gucci says the case is a fusion of vintage and contemporary styling with brown leather details and “archive-inspired design elements.” Another interesting detail proudly advertised on the product page is that the interior of the case is printed with “Hodiernum,” Latin for “belonging to the present day.” By the looks of it, Gucci’s case could offer better protection because it leaves fewer surfaces of the AirPods exposed than Apple’s protective case.

Like almost any Gucci product, the AirPods Max case is a lifestyle accessory and a fashion statement. It retains the exact functionality Apple’s Smart Case offers and secures the AirPods with a snap fastener. The brand proudly claims that the AirPods Max case is made from eco-friendly materials. The headband of the AirPods serves as the carrying handle, although a shoulder strap is available too.

We can imagine at least some AirPods Max owners heaving a sigh of relief that Gucci finally makes a case for their headphones that matches their fitted luggage set and handbags purchased from the brand. Do you believe more people would have been interested in such high-value accessories if they packed more features? Tell us in the comments section! Meanwhile, we can’t wait for the next accessory to top this absurdity.