Video: Here’s How Useful an AirTag Could Be In Finding Your Stolen Bike

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 14 May 2021

airtag bike theft

Ever since AirTag’s release, we’ve seen AirTag bring shipped in a package and its journey being tracked. We’ve seen an AirTag being ‘hacked’ to display custom notifications. And now, to push it even further, a YouTuber has put the AirTag on a bike to simulate how the device would work during a bike theft.

YouTuber Bikespeeds attached (velcroed) an AirTag to a bike and then gave the bike to a friend to see how the thing would work in a real-life situation. The simulation was done in a comparatively low populated area in Lowestoft, United Kingdom. And quite surprisingly, AirTag performed well enough that the bike owner was able to track the thief (his friend).

The video starts with the YouTuber attaching the AirTag to the bike. Then, when he’s not around his bike shop, the bike gets ‘stolen.’ After about 8 minutes of being stolen, AirTag sent its first location to the owner’s iPhone. He’s then shown continuously following it, receiving AirTag’s location from time to time.

Then, just after the half-an-hour mark, the AirTag sent its latest location to the owner when he was finally able to locate the thief, driving away with the bike from a residential colony.

Even though Apple does not advertise the AirTag as a theft recovery device, we’ve seen quite a few users simulating situations like thefts, leaving the AirTag in a bag and then tracking it, and even stalking someone. However, there’s still a word of caution that this might not work in every situation/environment.

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