Apparent AirTags Accessory Have Already Leaked Online

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 27 Jan 2021

apple airtags accessory secomd

Apple is yet to announce the AirTags, but, a couple of accessories for the highly anticipated product has already leaked online. The products listed online have a release date of ‘October 2020.’

Popular accessory maker Cyrill, which is a part of the Spigen brand, uploaded a webpage that shows a ‘Basic Leather Keychain – Black for AirTag.’ The features of the accessory note:

  • Stylish and classy vegan leather strap case perfect accessory for minimalist
  • Firm button clasp keeps your AirTag securely
  • Hang your AirTag on your bag, key, wallets, clutches with stylish gold clip-on carabiner
  • Wireless charging compatible.
  • CYRILL Basic Leather strap case for Apple AirTag (2020)

The listing on Cyrill’s website shows a delivery date in late October 2020, which, has passed and Apple hasn’t released the product. It hints that Apple was supposed to release the product in 2020, but couldn’t release it due to unknown reasons. The company has also listed the same product, though in a different color, on Amazon with the same shipping date.

Nomad, another popular accessory maker, has also listed two accessories for Apple AirTags. The first one is a squircle shaped keychain which has a cavity to hold the AirTags. The company says it’s made out of leather. The second one is a glass holder from the company. It has a black braided cord that holds the AirTag. You can adjust the length of the cord for a better fit.

AirTags have leaked a number of times now. The accessory was supposed to launch alongside iPhone 12 series, but has been delayed quite a few times. A number of renders have leaked previously, with the product’s pairing animation leaking earlier this month. Samsung has already come up with its own AirTags, called Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag, which launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy S21.

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