Here’s Why Apple Might Have Delayed AirTags Launch

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 31 Jan 2021

AirTags 3D Render

It’s no secret that Apple has been working on a Tile-like object tracking device. Multiple leaks have been published about the device and the first references to the product date back to iOS 13. Now, a new report details why Apple might have delayed the AirTags launch.

Jon Prosser, a popular Apple leaker and the owner of the YouTube channel Front Page Tech, published a video detailing why Apple might have delayed the AirTags launch. Prosser says that the design of the product has been finalized, and the product is ready to be shipped. He, in fact, says that AirTags are ready to be moved to production after completing the first stage of mass production.

The report details that Apple thinks it’s a bad time to launch AirTags. The company believes that the product won’t do well during the pandemic. Another reason, Prosser detailed in his video, is that Apple is still working on ‘ways’ to attach AirTags to things.

He says that Apple has finished designing a keychain on to which AirTags would fit. But, Apple is still working on a ‘magnetic case’ for the AirTags. Apple will not incorporate magnets into the product, since you might be carrying one in your wallet and it might interfere with the NFC of your cards. So Apple is ‘looking into ways’ to developing an accessory that would enable AirTags to attach magnetically.

Quite a few AirTags accessories leaked last week. The product’s release date, as mentioned on Cyrill’s website, was ‘October 2020,’ hinting that Apple originally planned to launch the device along with iPad Air 4th generation or the iPhone 12 series. The page has been taken down since then. Prosser says that Apple will release the product in March 2021.


A lot of things about AirTags have leaked earlier. An apparent pairing process animation leaked earlier this month. An alleged photo of Apple’s final keychain for AirTags has also been leaked. Apple is reportedly developing AirTags in two sizes. Samsung’s AirTags competitor, Galaxy Smart Tags, have already been unveiled.

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[Via Front Page Tech]