Apple Announces New AirTag Privacy Feature, Android App by the End of This Year

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 3 Jun 2021

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Earlier this year, Apple finally pulled the wraps from much-awaited AirTag. Ever since then, there have been multiple privacy concerns regarding Apple’s item tracker. Apple has released a new privacy focussed update for AirTag and is also working on an Android app.

To begin with, Apple is adjusting the time it takes for AirTag to sound an alert after being separated from the owner. The firmware rollout is already happening. AirTag will automatically update once in the vicinity of the connected iPhone. Once updated, AirTag will alert owners within a window of 8-14 hours.

One of the main concern is that AirTag could potentially be used as spying devices. Later Apple clarified that owners would get an alert if an unknown AirTag device is nearby. However, the feature is mapped to the Find My app and Android users had no such option. Apple is addressing the issue with a new Android app that will alert if an AirTag moves with the user.

To further reassure people about its AirTags, Apple said it’s developing an app for Android devices that will help people “detect” an AirTag or Find My network-enabled device that may also be unsuspectedly “traveling” with them. The app will be released later this year.

The recent introduction of AirTag included industry first proactive features that discourage unwanted tracking,” Apple said in a statement. The company added that its moves, which come a week before its online Worldwide Developers Conference event, represent a continued commitment to improve AirTag’s privacy and security.

Our Take

Now that Apple has launched an item tracker, it has caused a lot of privacy concerns. The company is working on dispelling some misconceptions and adding new features to improve AirTag privacy. You can check AirTag firmware on the FindMy app.

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