Apple’s Beats shows off the Solo2 headphones with a new ‘solo selfie’ ad

BY Evan Selleck

Published 26 Nov 2014

image Apple SoloSelfie

When the Solo2 wireless headphones first made news coverage, it was mainly about a potential Apple-branded pair of cans. That didn’t pan out, but the wireless headphones are certainly real enough.

On November 12, Apple officially announced a brand new pair of Solo2 Beats by Dre headphones, this time making them wireless. The popularity of the Solo2 lineup cannot be argued, so it would make sense for Apple and Beats to improve them for those who don’t want to worry about wires.

Now, leading up into the holiday shopping season, Apple’s Beats has launched a new ad campaign for the Solo2 lineup of headphones, including both the wired and wireless options. In the new “#SoloSelfie” campaign, which was launched alongside a pair of new video advertisements, it’s all about the new headphones, the color options, and celebrity endorsement.

The first ad has plenty of celebrities to point out, including sports stars and TV/film stars like Norman Reedus, who is popular on AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD. Other celebrities include music stars Nicki Minaj, Big Sean and Funkmaster Flex.

The second clip has SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE star Kenan Thompson talking about taking the best “solo selfie.” Both ads are watchable within this article.

Apple and Beats are working with a hashtag, as most campaigns do these days, to promote the brand and the Solo2 headphones. With either the #SoloSelfie or #BeatsByDre, the brands are suggesting Solo2 owners show off their headphones for the world to see via popular social networking avenues, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Do you plan on picking up a pair of Solo2? Wired or wireless?