Apple blocking offline Apple Music storage on iPods due to piracy concerns

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 17 Jul 2015

Apple recently refreshed its MP3 player lineup, making cosmetic changes to the iPod nano and the iPod shuffle alongside the more significant hardware improvements it made to the iPod touch. Though refreshed, the nano and shuffle are still a step behind when it comes to Apple Music. As suggested earlier this week and confirmed today by 9to5Mac, the nano and shuffle will not sync with Apple Music due to piracy concerns.

By not allowing users to sync their offline songs to the iPod nano and shuffle, Apple can guarantee that users aren’t able to keep a collection of songs on their device after cancelling their Apple Music subscription. That’s unlike other iOS devices that have access to the iOS Music app and Wi-Fi that Apple can use to authenticate an active Apple Music subscription.

If you attempt to sync offline Apple Music tracks to your iPod nano or iPod shuffle, you will receive a warning popup that reads “Apple Music songs cannot be copied to an iPod.” Though Apple Music is limited in functionality, you still can sync music that you purchased from iTunes or DRM-free music that you already own.

Does this Apple Music limitation signal the death knell for the iPod nano and shuffle? Are you interested in purchasing one of these new iPods? Let us know in the comments.