Apple closing retail stores in November for quarterly meetings, not a new product launch

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 7 Nov 2013


Rumors were circulating earlier this week about Apple allegedly closing its stores early between November 17th and 19th. Some folks took this to mean Apple was preparing its staff for an imminent product launch — mostly likely the retina iPad mini or the new Mac Pro. This assumption that Apple will be holding product launch meetings is likely incorrect.

Information from 9to5Mac suggests these meetings are the normal employee gatherings held each quarter at Apple retail stores. There is no mysterious product on the way and no retina iPad mini launch coming in the next few days. This is just another dry administrative duty required of all Apple retail employees.

Of course this debunking still leaves open the question of when the iPad mini with Retina display will go on sale online and at Apple retail stores. When the device was unveiled late last month, Apple said it would arrive sometime in November. Well, we are one week into the month, and there is no sign of the Retina iPad mini arriving anytime  soon. Rumors from the supply chain hint at low production yields and inventory shortages, so Apple may be waiting to launch the mini later in the month.

Are you planning on buying a Retina iPad mini? Do you think it will be worth the wait?