Court Sides with Ex-Apple Engineer Who Is Apparently Fighting for Due Credit on His Invention

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 22 Aug 2019

Find my iPhone iCloud 2

An ex-Apple Engineer has been fighting for his share of due credit for working on Find My iPhone. The engineer claims he helped invent a feature that helps you track stolen and lost iPhones. Cali court has sided with the ex-Apple Engineer and has considered entertaining his plea.

The lawsuit says that Apple has left out the Engineer in five patents wherein he played the role of co-inventor. Further, Darren Eastman also says he has worked on Passbook. Meanwhile, Apple wanted to squash the claims right out of the court saying that it has no merit. However, the court has dismissed Apple’s argument and is welcoming a trial.

Darren Eastman began working for Apple in 2006, apparently, he was handpicked by Steve Jobs himself. He has only received credit for one patent that deals with detecting battery errors. However, he claims that Apple has cut him off as much as five other patents. In 2014 Darren was fired from Apple over unprofessional and inappropriate behavior. However, Darren claims that he was fired when he persuaded his manager to fix a bug in core Disk Utility before shipping it on macOS. He is also suing Apple on the basis of unlawful termination.

As of now, the court has asked Eastman to submit a detailed report of what he worked on and how he contributed to the respective patents. He claims that Apple has inadvertently said that he has nothing to do with the patents by failing to put his name on the work. Meanwhile, Apple argued that omission is not dismissal and while the court agreed to this point. The court also noted that there are some cases wherein not naming a person is considered as an effective way of ignoring the contributions.

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