Find My Network Feature on iOS 15 Tethers Your AirPods to Apple ID; Unpairing Involves Manual Steps

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 11 Aug 2021

Apple AirPods Pro

Recently Apple announced that Find My Network will support AirPods Max and AirPods Pro starting with iOS 15,. iPhone users will be able to locate AirPods with the help of the Find My Network. The feature only works if the lost AirPods are within Bluetooth range. Now we have come to know that Apple will tether AirPods with a specific Apple ID.

The new changes were spotted on iOS 15 developer beta 5. It works by tethering AirPods to an Apple ID. Strangely enough, you will have to cover the AirPods Pro speaker to delete the linked device. If a user connects someone else’s AirPods Pro to their account, it will remain linked with the owner’s Apple ID.

AirPods users will have to perform additional steps before passing the device to its new owner or handing it down to their friends. Firstly, the AirPods should be disconnected from the Find My network. Once done, you need to follow multiple steps to untether the device from your Apple ID. The process is very similar to the one used to untether AirTag.

The new feature is also extended to AirPods Max. However, the procedure to untether is different from the AirPods. You need to hold a combination of the Active Noise Cancelation button and Digitial Crown for 12 seconds. AirPods Pro users must cover both interior and exterior grills while pressing the stem button three times. Before this, AirPods did appear on the Find My app network. However, you couldn’t locate them remotely.

Find My Feature will support AirPods Pro and AirPod remote location starting from iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. It is worth noting that only AirPods Pro and AirPods Max will support the Find My Network feature.