Find My iPhone Helped This Mother Track and Save Kidnapped Son

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 13 Apr 2022

apple find my network

The Apple Watch has proven to be particularly useful in helping people receive timely attention from the authorities when faced with life-threatening situations. In a similar incident that unfolded in Atlanta, Georgia, one mother’s quick out-of-the-box thinking helped her track and save her nine-year-old son after the family car was stolen while the child was still inside.

Jerrica Moore reportedly parked her car on April 4, left the keys and her 9-year-old inside, and stepped away. An unidentified man boarded the black Honda Accord and drove off, with the child still inside the car.

Thanks to her quick thinking, the mother could locate her kidnapped son’s iPhone in real-time using the Find My iPhone feature. She then relayed this information to local law enforcement. Atlanta Police said:

“An Atlanta officer was able to spot the vehicle being closely pursued by GSP. The suspect attempted to flee from officers, but GSP was able to successfully execute a precision immobilization technique (PIT) to render the vehicle immobile.”

The suspect who stole the car was subsequently arrested, and the child was rescued without injury. Although this was a one-off instance where quick thinking saved the day, we strongly recommend that you lock your car and don’t leave it unattended with the keys inside.

This incident also shows how features such as Find My iPhone and Apple’s Find My network can help simplify locating a lost or stolen device. Setting up and using Find My on your iPhone is relatively straightforward, and we suggest you set it up immediately to avert misfortune. Another benefit of using the Find My app is that you will be able to track and locate your AirPods if you forget where you left them or if they are stolen. Find My also works with Macs, Apple Watch, and Airtag.

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