Apple to Fix Annoying iPhone 13 Pro’s Camera Macro Mode Switching in Future Update

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 21 Sep 2021

The first set of iPhone 13 Pro reviews were published earlier today. Most of them noted that the iPhone 13 Pro automatically switches to the macro mode in the Camera app when one gets close to a subject. Apple has now confirmed that a fix for this issue is in the works.

iPhone 13 Pro Camera

Many reviewers complained that iPhone 13 Pro is automatically switching to macro mode. Furthermore, there is no manual toggle or feature to exit the mode. iPhone 13 Pro reportedly switches to macro photography mode when the camera is close to the subject. The issue is persistent on both video and photo modes. However, you can override the settings by using the ‘lock camera’ option for the video mode.

Unfortunately, there is no such feature in Photo modes. In other words, iPhone 13 Pro users will be tormented by the camera bug until Apple issues a fix. Thankfully, the company has responded to Input Mag and says it is adding a new setting in a software update coming this fall. As always, Apple claims this is not a “bug” but a “design.”

The fact that there is a “Lock Camera” setting under the Camera section within the Setting app, which disables the automatic camera switching for video recording, is proof enough that Apple knows people wouldn’t want this. To my disappointment, there is no setting to turn off the camera switching for still photos. Not yet, at least.

The reviewers seem to be pleased with iPhone 13 Pro camera. However, the macro issue is annoying and ruins the user experience. The issue is seen only on iPhone 13 Pro due to the ultrawide angle camera with autofocus. Since the sensor is exclusive to iPhone 13 Pro, the problem is not seen on other iPhone 13 models.

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