Apple Music for Android Beta Gains Lossless Audio, Spatial Audio, Automatic Crossfade, More

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 14 Jun 2021

Apple announced new features for Apple Music at the WWDC. Apple Music is getting features like Lossless and Spatial Audio update. The new features are now available for Apple Music beta on Android.

The new Apple Music features are available only in beta. This means you have to sign up for the Apple Music beta on PlayStore. Apple is yet to rollout Spatial audio, Lossless audio and other features for stable users. Once beta testing is completed the new Apple Music features will be available for all users.

After updating to the latest beta build, you will have access to the new features. The Spatial audio feature is only available on compatible devices. Apple has curated a playlist of available songs that will help you enhance your listening experience. For the sake of convenience, tracks come with a “Dolby Atmos” logo on the album page.

The “Lossless” feature is not activated by default on Apple Music. To activate, head over to Settings and tap on the new “Audio Quality” menu. After opening the menu, you can choose between different quality. The High Efficiency is designed to preserve your data and playback AAC at a low bitrate. Meanwhile, the High Quality refers to 256 AAC playback. With the update, Apple has added new quality tiers. The Lossless mode refers to ALAC audio up to 24-bit/48KHz. The High-Resolution Lossless streams ALAC format at up to 24-bit/192Khz. Want to know more? Check out our comprehensive guide on Lossless Streaming.

Apple also adds Automatic Crossfade, a feature that offers a smooth transition between songs. Apple Music 3.6 beta for Android offers a wide selection of tracks in Dolby Atmos. Lastly, the Search feature is now updated and makes it easier to find your music.