Apple Passkeys Support Coming to 1Password in Early 2023

BY Sriansh

Published 18 Nov 2022

Popular password manager app 1Password has confirmed that it will add support for Apple Passkeys in early 2023.

With the announcement of iOS 16 and macOS Venutra, Apple announced that it will be ’embracing the password-less future’ and adding support for biometric-based authentication to its operating systems. The feature is called Passkeys, and it will allow iPhone, iPad, and Mac owners to login into websites using just their Face ID or Touch ID. 

Passkeys will be supported by the popular password management service 1Password, the company has confirmed. The company says its implementation is superior to Apple as the feature would work anywhere where 1Password works, and it won’t rely on workarounds like QR-code scanning.

To showcase how it works, 1Password has created an interactive demo. The company says the demo requires a 1Password account and the latest version of the 1Password extension for Chrome. Support for Safari and Chrome will be added soon, as per the company’s press release. 

To help showcase how passkeys can transform your sign-in experience, the demo site also includes an explainer video with everything you need to know. We walk you through what passkeys are, why it’s so important passwordless technology remains open and interoperable, and exactly what using passkeys in 1Password will look like.

Additionally, 1Password maintains a list of websites and apps that already support Passkeys, including Google, Microsoft, Twitter, eBay, Best Buy, GitHub, and more. Passkey support will be available in 1Password’s browser extensions and desktop apps by early 2023.

Source: 1Password