Apple Research App Debuts with Hearing, Heart, Woman Health Studies

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 14 Nov 2019

Apple had started baking in support for an optional medical app called Research beginning from iOS 13.2. Now the company has released a standalone version of its first three studies that include the Apple Heart and Movement Study, the Apple Women’s Health Study, and the Apple Hearing Study. In order for the studies to work you need to have an Apple Watch paired with an iPhone.

The Research is supported by Apple Watch Series 1 and above. To begin with, the Heart and Movement Study aims at investigating the relationship between cardiovascular health and mobility. For this reason, Apple has partnered with the American Heart Association and Brigham and Woman’s Hospital for the study. As part of the study, the app is designed to analyze users’ heart rate and warn them of impending conditions like atrial fibrillation or other heart diseases.

Measuring the quality and quantity of a person’s movement can provide insight into their current and future health status. The Apple Heart and Movement Study is a broad study of factors that affect heart health and potentially cause deterioration in mobility or overall well-being, in an effort to promote healthy movement and improved cardiovascular health.

Moving on, Apple Hearing Study is concerned with gauging the impact of sound on hearing health and overall stress levels. It works by collecting samples of headphone usage and surrounding sounds. Apple has partnered with the University of Michigan and the study involves determining how long-term sound exposure can impact stress levels and cardiovascular health. Furthermore, the data will be shared with WHO which will work in increasing awareness.

Lastly, Apple Women’s Health Study strives to understand menstrual cycles and other health conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), infertility, and the menopausal transition. The study will collect information like cycle tracking and monthly surveys to better understand women’s health.

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