Apple Reportedly Scales Back Its Ambitious HealthHabit Project Aimed At Transforming Healthcare

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 19 Aug 2021

apple health

According to a report published by Business Insider, Apple has scaled back its one of the ambitious health projects. The project was a part of the company’s long-term health goals, possibly related to the project that was detailed earlier this year — an Apple healthcare project with Apple doctors and health clinics.

The project called HealthHabit according to the report, allowed Apple to keep track of a wide range of health metrics, such as fitness goals, management of hypertension, and gain direct access to clinicians in the AC Wellness group, a doctors group that has Apple has partnered with.

The app was a part of the Apple Health team. According to the report, Apple has been piloting programs for workers with hypertension in tandem with AC Wellness. And, employees viewed HealthHabit as a logical next step to bring the project to life. However, Apple has decided to do away with the project.

“If HealthHabit had success internally, it could have been a product for customers one day, the people said.”

The report claims more than 50 Apple employees were working on the project, and if they can’t find a role within some of Apple’s other teams, they’ll be laid off.

Over the past few years, Apple has seen Health as one of the key areas of growth. It’s been introducing health features with every Apple Watch, watchOS, and iPhone release and the portfolio is only going to expand more. The company has been experimenting with blood glucose monitoring for the next-gen Apple Watch.

[Via Business Insider]