Apple’s New Android App Lets You Check for Sneaky AirTags Near You

BY Anu Joy

Published 14 Dec 2021

Apple has released an Android app called Tracker Detect, which it claims will help look for AirTags and other item trackers compatible with Find My network that are separated from their owner.

If AirTags move away from the owner, they start chiming at a random time inside a window that lasts between 8 and 24 hours. However, if Android users wanted to know if they’re being secretly being tracked with the help of AirTags, they were out of luck. To address this concern, the iPhone maker, back in June, announced that it was working on an app for Android users which would help them detect unwanted trackers.

Once you select ‘Manual Scan,’ the Tracker Detect app scans for devices that have been separated from their owners. If it detects such a device, it will allow you to play a sound on it after it’s been near you for 10 minutes. It will also provide you with information about the tracker and also instructions on how to disable it.

However, the app doesn’t constantly scan for trackers in the background and warn you of potentially malicious trackers, unlike on iOS. You will have to manually scan for trackers on the app. Apple is offering what appears to be a bare-bones app, if you go by the reviews. Here’s one of the reviews of the app:

Not very effective compared to existing AirTag warning tools. The app doesn’t do background scans, and shows all AirTags nearby instead of only unknown AirTags. The app also doesn’t save previously found AirTag locations, nor does it let you save their serial numbers. It’s as if Apple saw the bare minimum they needed to do and managed to do less.

But we can keep our fingers crossed and hope the app gains more features in future updates. However, it’s particularly disheartening to see the app do the bare minimum if you consider how the AirTag makes it frighteningly easy to stalk someone.

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