Apple’s Updated ‘Personal Safety User Guide’ Addresses AirTag Safety Concerns

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 26 Jan 2022

rename apple airtag setup process

Following the widespread concern regarding the improper use of AirTag to track packages, locate secret government establishments, and stalk people, Apple has released an updated Personal Safety User Guide. The document is for anyone concerned that the object tracker could be used to stalk and harass them.

Apple’s Personal Safety User Guide details the safety-centric features built into the company’s products. A new section has been added to the guide for AirTag. Among other things, it talks about the Tracker Detect app and its functionality that Find My users could also use to detect unidentified AirTag following them.

If you are an Apple ardent fan, there may not be much to take away from this guide for you. However, it is worth a glance-through because it details methods to control access to the device permissions, block sign-in attempts you didn’t initiate and set up two-factor authentication. Apple claims the guide could come in handy “when your personal safety is at risk.”

“Apple makes it easy to connect with the people closest to you while helping you stay aware of what you’re sharing and with whom. If you gave someone access to your personal information and no longer want to—or if you’re concerned someone who had access to your device or accounts made changes without your permission—this guide offers strategies and solutions to help you regain control.

Offering quick checklists and in-depth feature tasks, this resource is designed to help customers experiencing technology-enabled abuse, stalking, or harassment understand the options available across the Apple ecosystem that can help you protect your personal safety. It includes step-by-step instructions on how to remove someone’s access to information you previously granted—like location data in the Find My app, meetings you’ve shared in Calendar, and more. It also highlights features You can use to enhance your personal safety—like how to automatically let a friend know when you’ve arrived home safely and how to quickly engage Emergency SOS.”

Together with other state-issued cyber safety guidelines, Apple’s User Guide could help you avoid unpleasant encounters with cybercriminals and bad actors online.

The Personal Safety User Guide is updated regularly. It is available for download on Apple’s website, replete with a table of contents and a search feature. You could bookmark its webpage for future reference. It can be downloaded as a PDF document as well. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about Apple’s safety-centric initiatives with us in the comments section!