This Brilliant AR Based macOS Concept Is Straight Out of the Future

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 5 Jan 2021

 AR Based macOS Concept

Ever since its inception, macOS has changed a lot. Apple recently released macOS Big Sur for the public. Have you ever wondered how macOS would look with a futuristic AR interface? Well, a 24-year old designer by the name of Dominik Hofacker has reimagined macOS with an AR twist.

The concept video is titled macOS reality new and starts with the user wearing AR glasses. Meanwhile, users can access and scroll through multiple displays arranged at different planes. The virtual dock at the bottom is tilted at an angle alongside the menu bar. Most importantly, the concept is very nicely done and looks like it’s straight from the future.

The virtual keyboard is flat on the surface. What’s most interesting is the multiple screens that are spread out in the AR setup. In other words, you will get numerous displays to work with and a much larger screen real estate. Furthermore, different tabs and windows can also be placed separately.

While talking to Cult of Mac, Hofacker told how the concept uses AR to display contents instead of 2D display. The designer added, “Here is a much more efficient use of space, and your most important information will always be right in front of you instead of having 50 stacked windows, which is what we are used to with traditional Macs.”

The designer also explained the importance of “having 3D depth” and how it helps “everyone working on all kinds of physical products.”

Our Take

It is impressive how well the AR-based macOS makes use of space. Users could add a new virtual screen instead of buying an extra display or monitor. On the other hand, Apple might charge users for adding new features like an additional display or other new features.

[via Cult of Mac]