The 10 Best AirTag Accessories

BY Parth Shah

Published 1 May 2021

best airtags accessories

Announced at Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded Event,’ AirTag allows you to find lost or stolen items using Apple’s Find My service. Competitively priced at $29, an AirTag looks like a small button with a battery attached to it. However, since the AirTag itself lacks a lanyard hole, you need to purchase a relevant accessory to attach an AirTag to it. Check out a list of the best AirTags accessories to attach to keys, luggage, or wallet.

Before we get started with the accessories list, let me give you a quick overview of how the tech works with AirTags and why you need to choose it over rivals.

AirTags use Apple’s Find My network consisting of millions of iPhones, iPads, and Mac devices to easily locate it if it ever gets lost or stolen and is out of the Bluetooth range. That’s an edge over the rivals as no one can come close to Apple’s large pool of devices. What’s more? If someone with an iPhone or any NFC-enabled Android device finds your lost item with an AirTag, the person can use their iPhone or Android device to scan and read your contact details and connect with you.

If you want to know more about AirTag, check out our detailed AirTag FAQ that should answer all your questions surrounding it.

Check out the best Apple AirTag accessories:

AirTags are small in size, and they come without any hook to attach to. Apple is relying on official and third-party companies to fill in the gap with relevant AirTags accessories. Let’s start the list with some affordable options, and as we go ahead, we will move to the expensive offerings.

1. Silicone Protective Case for AirTags

If you don’t want to spend much and simply want to tag the AirTag to a keychain, go with this Silicon protective case. It allows you to protect the delicate AirTag from dust and scratch when clanging against keys and adding minimum weight to it.

silicon case for airtag

The case is available in 8 different colors to choose from. You can buy it from Amazon for $5.50 per piece.

Buy Now – $5.50

2. ZXTNVB Metal Case for AirTags

If you want to add some heft to the AirTag and desire a premium look and feel, then this metal case for AirTag makes perfect sense. This protective cover is professionally designed for AirTags. It is made of metal, offers excellent water resistance and shock absorption performance. It’s not expensive either. You can get one for $8.99 in six color options.

metal case for airtag

Buy Now – $8.99

3. Anti-Scratch Carbon Fiber Protective Skin

Compatible with the 2021 Apple AirTags, these protective skins keep your shiny new Apple product from getting scratched or damaged. Most cases have an open case design that leaves your AirTags vulnerable to scratches and stains. There are several skin styles like Carbon fiber, White marble, Clear protective skin, and Gold finish. You can get one for $9.99 from Amazon.

airtag skins

Buy Now – $9.99

4. Natseekgo Silicone Case

The above-mentioned silicon case comes with a round-style ring. This one offers a conventional keychain approach. The cover wraps the tracking device tightly, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off. The only downside is, you will have to buy the case in bulk. There is no option to buy a single cover for AirTag.

airtag case

They are available in eight color options and priced at $11.99 from Amazon.

Buy Now – $11.99

5. dBrand

Speaking of cases, covers, and skins, how can we forget about the fan-favorite dBrand? No way. dBrand offers you a bunch of skin options (sold separately) to easily personalize your AirTags. While the case is only available in black color, you can distinguish between them by applying different skins.

dBrand for airtag

The default AirTag grip case is priced at $19.95 on dBrand’s official store.

Buy Now – $19.95

6. Moment Hard Shell Mount for AirTags

The mount is made of a rugged aramid fiber shell, backed with a super-strong adhesive, making it easy to stick the AirTags to any flat surface. What’s more? The shock-absorbent design helps when the Moment Mount takes some beating. As a result, the Moment Mount can be easily hidden inside a camera case, luggage bag, car, bike, drone, and more.

hard case for airtag

Buy Now – $19.99

7. Leather Case for AirTag with Keychain

As expected, leather cases for AirTags are rather expensive compared to silicon ones. This one from Amazon delivers both style and substance to your AirTag. It’s only available in the brown color and priced at $21.99.

Buy Now – $21.99

8. Apple AirTag Loop

As I mentioned, Apple also offers a bunch of AirTags accessories to begin with. Both lightweight and durable, the loop is made from polyurethane and securely fastens the AirTag to your bag. The enclosure fits tightly around your AirTag to ensure that it stays put, so you can keep track of whatever it’s attached to. You can get one from Amazon for $29.

airtag strap

Buy Now – $29

9. Nomad Glasses Strap

Do you often tend to misplace your sunglasses? Then the Nomad Glass Strap is an excellent solution to your problem. Combine the strap with your Apple AirTag, and finding it becomes fairly easy. Also, the lightweight design of the strap means that you can hang them all day without even noticing. The strap is available for $29.95 if you preorder. After that, it will retail at its regular price of $39.95.

glasses for airtag

Buy Now – $29.95

10. Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring

Some AirTags cases are expensive than the AirTag itself. Apple’s leather case is one of them. Apple claims that the leather keyring is thoughtfully crafted from the finest materials. And it fits snugly over your AirTag, so you never have to worry about it falling out. You can buy the case in three colors – Red, Brown, and Black.

apple leather airtag case

Buy Now – $35

AirTag is easily a must-have accessory for anyone heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem. However, you will need an accessory/case to go with, and selecting one will depend upon your budget and where you plan to attach an AirTag to. Go through the list above and tell us which accessory you chose in the comments section below.