The Best iPhone SE (2020) Cases For Every Budget

BY Asif Shaik

Published 20 Apr 2020

2020 iPhone SE cases

The iPhone SE 2020 was announced earlier this week, and the latest low-cost iPhone went up for pre-orders yesterday. If you have placed an order already, you might want to have a look at some accessories before your device shows up at your doorstep. We’ve created a list of some of the best cases for the second-generation iPhone SE, and you should check it out.

It’s no easy task to navigate through hundreds of cases that are available for iPhones and choose the one that’s best for you, especially since new brands keep cropping up now and then. Fret not; we have selected some of the best cases from the most reliable brands that we’ve come across over the years. We have something for everyone, from thin fit cases and tough cases to leather cases and transparent cases.

An important thing to note is that iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 cases are compatible with the iPhone SE (2nd Generation) as all three phones have the exact same dimensions and button placements. Moreover, since the new iPhone carries an IP67 rating for dust and water-resistance, you don’t need to buy a dustproof case for the device.

Let’s start with our list of some of the best cases for the iPhone SE 2020 with a dual-layer case, and then have a look at official cases as well as wallet cases and wooden cases.

The Best iPhone SE Cases

Dual-Layer Case

Caseology Parallax Case For Apple iPhone SE 2020

The Parallax case from Caseology is one of the best-looking cases out there, especially if you’re looking for something that has two or more layers. It is available in as many as seven color combinations, and it feels relatively softer to hold. It has a 3D pattern at the rear, and it offers protection from all the angles.

➤ Caseology Parallax Case – $13.99 [Amazon]

Grippy Cases

Speck Presidio CandyShell Grip Cases For iPhone SE 2020

Speck makes some of the best-looking grippy cases, featuring funky colors. The cases that we’ve chosen here have a ribbed-pattern at the rear, extending towards the sides of the phone, offering a fair amount of grip so that you don’t drop your phone.

➤ Speck CandyShell Grip Case – $24.00 [Amazon]

➤ Speck Presidio Grip Case – $18.98 [Amazon]

Leather Cases

TwelveSouth Leather Cases For Apple iPhone SE 2020

TwelveSouth is one of the best accessory-maker for Apple products, and we’ve chosen the leather cases made by the company. The relaxed leather case from TwelveSouth for the new iPhone SE comes in various colors and offers a clean look, unlike some other leather case makers who use an excess of the stitched design. There’s also a wallet case version if you want to store your credit cards or cash in your iPhone case.

➤ Twelve South Relaxed Leather Case – $39.68 [Amazon]

➤ Twelve South Relaxed Leather Wallet Case – $48.18 [Amazon])

Official Apple Cases

Apple Official Leather Silicon Cases For Apple iPhone SE 2020

Apple makes silicon and leather cases for the second-generation iPhone SE. While they are made from the best of materials, they leave out some part of the bottom of the phone from protection. However, if you want to go the official way, you can choose various colors of official cases in both leather and silicone versions.

➤ Apple Silicone Case – $37.99 [Amazon]

➤ Apple Leather Case – $34.77 [Amazon]

Thin Fit Cases

Smartish Kung Fu Slim Case For Apple iPhone SE 2020

If you want to protect your brand new iPhone SE 2020 with the least bulk possible, thin fit cases are the way to go. The Smartish Kung Fu Grip Case offers a lightweight and handy case with protection from all sides of the phone. It is available in a variety of colors, and it doesn’t cost much.

Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case For Apple iPhone SE 2020

Spigen is one of the leading smartphone case makers in the world, and the quality of its cases is excellent. The Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case for the iPhone SE (2nd Generation) is thin and smooth. It also a diamond-shaped pattern on the rear, offering a bit of additional grip when you hold the phone in your hands.

➤ Smartish Kung Fu Grip Case – $11.99 [Amazon]

➤ Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case – $10.99 [Amazon]

Thin Rugged Case

Otterbox Symmetry Case For Apple iPhone SE 2020

Rugged yet thin? Want the best of both the worlds in one case? Yes, such cases exist. Otterbox makes hands down, the best-rugged cases for iPhones. The Otterbox Symmetry case for the new iPhone SE has a hard, scratch-resistant shell on the rear and raised beveled edges around the screen to save it from drops. The case still fits in most pockets.

➤ Otterbox Symmetry Case – $39.99 [Amazon]

Tough Case

Otterbox Commuter Case For Apple iPhone SE 2020

Want the absolute best in terms of protection? Well, the Otterbox Commuter case for the iPhone SE 2020 offers excellent protection all around. It has a rugged back and reinforced sides. Bevels around the screen, Apple logo at the rear, and the camera lens are raised quite a bit to save them from drops and scratches.

➤ Otterbox Commuter Case – $39.95 [Amazon]

Transparent Case

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Case For Apple iPhone SE 2020

If you’re someone who likes to flaunt your phone’s design while still covering it under a case, transparent cases could be your best choice. The Unicorn Beetle Style Transparent Case from SUPCASE is one of the best in the business. It has a transparent back, smooth and rounded sides, and elevated bezels. It has a fairly minimalistic design and ridges around buttons.

➤ SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Case – $12.99 [Amazon]

Wallet Cases

Smartish Spigen Wallet Cases For Apple iPhone SE 2020

Like to store credit cards and cash in your phone case? Well, you’re not alone. My wife also prefers wallet cases so that she doesn’t have to carry her wallet when she visits her office canteen for lunch. The Spigen Slim Armor CS Case for the new iPhone SE has a cover over the are where you can store up to two cards at the same time. On the other hand, the Smartish Wallet Case for the second-gen iPhone SE has an open design, and you can store up to three cards.

➤ Smartish Wallet Case – $23.99 [Amazon]

➤ Spigen Slim Armor CS Case – $17.99 [Amazon]

Wooden Case


TENDLIN Wood Grain Soft TPU Hybrid Slim Case For Apple iPhone SE 2020

Fancy a case with a wooden finish? Yep, there’s a case that could satisfy your needs. The TENDLIN wooden case for the iPhone SE 2020 uses a combination of wooden-finish veneer and leather on the rear. It is one of the most striking-looking wooden cases that are available on Amazon. Unlike many other wooden cases, the TENDLIN case offers full protection on the four sides of the iPhone. The buttons covers are made using TPU material, which makes it easier for you to press them.

➤ TENDLIN Case – $13.88 [Amazon]

So, that was our collection of best cases for the newly launched Apple iPhone SE. Which cases did you like? Did we miss out on something amazing? Let us know in the comments section below. You might also want to have a look at our list of best accessories for the iPhone SE 2020. We can also help you narrow down on which color and storage variant of the iPhone SE to choose.

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