Caviar’s Custom iPhone 13 Pro Features Parts from Original iPhone as a Tribute to Steve Jobs

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 16 Dec 2021

Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Steve Jobs

Caviar, known for its luxurious custom gold-plated iPhones, has released a custom version of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max that takes inspiration and parts from the original iPhone while paying a fitting tribute to late Apple founder Steve Jobs.

Most Caviar iPhone models are encrusted in jewels and precious metals and are produced in limited quantities. The new custom iPhone models feature a surprisingly understated design. Caviar’s artists fused parts from the original iPhone with the iPhone 13 Pro range, with impeccable attention to detail.

The custom iPhone’s upper body is made of aviation-hardened titanium. At the same time, the lower body is finished in titanium coated with a black PVD layer and an engraved Steve Jobs signature.

Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Steve Jobs

Since the new custom iPhone is heavily inspired by the original iPhone from 2007, the bitten Apple logo in the center of the rear panel of the phone is a sealed capsule. It contains a fragment of the original iPhone motherboard. Also adorning the back panel is a precise engraving of the technical elements you would find inside an original iPhone.

If you lust after bespoke luxury items and happen to be an Apple fan, this appears to be the epitome of Apple memorabilia fused with modern technology that pays homage to Steve Jobs. If you’re itching to buy one of the 19 pieces Caviar will ever make (assuming they aren’t all sold out already), be prepared to sign off on a cheque for $6,990. Each unit has the side bezel engraved with a Caviar limited edition serial number.

Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Steve Jobs

If a chrome and black custom iPhone 13 Pro with Jobs’ signature and an original iPhone motherboard fragment isn’t quite your style, Caviar also offers a flashy gold iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max model. You get the Apple logo in pure 18K gold with a piece of Steve Jobs’ turtleneck embedded inside. All the engraving on the custom phone’s 18K gold back is styled like the iPhone 4. Production is limited to 10 units, each priced at a whopping $44,620.

Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Steve Jobs

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