Designer highlights the detail in Apple’s new San Francisco font

BY Killian Bell

Published 25 May 2015

Analysis of San Francisco font

Apple introduced San Francisco, its new favorite font, with Apple Watch, and recent rumors have claimed it will also replace Helvetica Neue in iOS 9 this fall. If you haven’t already experienced it on the Watch, the dissection above from designer Wenting Zhang will help you appreciate its detail.

Zhang runs Type Detail, a blog dedicated to beautiful fonts with the aim of annotating a web typeface each day, “pointing out the beautiful details of the type forms that often get overlooked.”

With its analysis of San FranciscoType Detail displays the font in a range of weights and styles, as well as sizes from 8px to 16px. The graphic above also highlights the details in the font, such as the thinner strokes at intersections, and the height of each letter, which makes it easy to read even at small sizes.

That’s one of the things that makes San Francisco ideal for Apple Watch’s tiny display. San Francisco isn’t exclusive to Watch, however; you can also activate it on Mac OS X very easily, and also on iPhones and iPads that have been jailbroken.

What do you think of the San Francisco font? Do you think it should replace Helvetica Neue on iOS?

[via The Next Web]