Dolphin Browser Updated with Built-in Evernote Sharing

BY Tris Hussey

Published 17 Jan 2013

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The Dolphin browser for iPhone and iPad (separate downloads) has been updated with a bunch of new features. One in particular caught my eye—built-in support for the Evernote web clipper. Combined with cross-browser, device, and OS syncing, this looks like a great alternative to Safari or even Chrome.

While most of the time I wind up using Mobile Safari, I do use Chrome a great deal. Since Chrome is my go-to browser on my Mac, tab syncing comes in very handy moving between devices while reading and writing. But I do miss Evernote on both those mobile browsers. There’s a new (as in updated, not entirely new) kid in town and he let’s me clip right to Evernote and will sync tabs back to Chrome (or Safari or Firefox)—Dolphin.

This updated version of Dolphin, I have to admit I hadn’t seen it before, looks quite good and if the app update description is any indication, this might have been the version people have been waiting for:

What’s New in Version 6.0
1. Brand new design: Share, save and send web content easier with our new design.
2. One-tap Share: Right from Dolphin, you can tweet webpages, post them to Facebook, or share them via email
3. Remember Everything: Grab web contact while browsing Dolphin and save it directly to Evernote (Beta) or Box
4. Dolphin Connect:
– Send to Device: Use Dolphin with our Chrome/Firefox/Safari extensions** to send tabs, images, phone numbers and directions between desktop and mobile
– Sync: Now you can sync bookmarks/tabs/history/passwords across devices
5. Wifi Broadcast: Share with your friends by sending them a web page instantly through a shared wifi
6. Annotate: Draw your own comments or pictures on a web page and share it to your social networks
7. Customize Dolphin: Set Dolphin to open to the home screen or all tabs from your previous session
8. Various stability and performance improvements

In my short tapping and testing, I’m very impressed with the speed and ease of use.

The Evernote clipper works as expected (and very well). Once I got the original link for the Chrome browser extension (all the Google-shortened links have been disabled by Google at this time):

Sending tabs to and from my Mac to my iPad was painless. There are several ways to share a tab back to a machine—or other device—with Dolphin. You can push a tab over from your iPad to your Mac, you can open cloud tabs on your device (like how Chrome and Safari work) or you can WiFi-share with other people on the same wireless network. That is a clever feature which could really help people working together on a project (in the same physical location, of course).

Although Dolphin can’t tap into Safari’s faster rendering engine, I thought it was pretty speedy. Love to hear your experiences with it as well.

Could Dolphin become my primary non-Safari browser? Maybe so, for the Evernote web clipper if nothing else. The tab sharing set up was pretty easy, so when I switch off to writing on my iPad in a little while, I’ll certainly give it a fair try.

Download links:

Dolphin for iPad

Dolphin for iPhone

HT: TNW and Cult of Android.