How to install the Apple Watch screensaver on your Mac

BY Osas Obaizamomwan

Published 18 Aug 2015

In high school I spent hours curating the best high-resolution photos to use as my Mac screen saver. Much like wallpapers, screens savers let you add a little flair to your computer. For those of you with an Apple Watch or for those wanting, you can now install a sleek new Apple Watch screen saver for your OS X device. 

How to install the Apple Watch screensaver on your Mac

Step 1.

Download the Apple Watch screen saver from designer Rasmus Nielsen’s site. When downloading you will see dialog box asking if you want to use the .zip extension; select the .saver extension instead. This will save you from needing to unzip the file later.

Screen Saver - extension

Step 2.

Locate the .saver file, right-click on the item, and click open.

Open - File

If you receive the “unidentified developer warning” you will need to click Open one more time.

Step 3.

After opening the .saver file you will be taken inside the Settings app and asked to install the Apple Watch screen saver. Select your install preference and click InstallScreen saver - Apple WatchStep 4.

Once the screen saver has been installed you will automatically jump to the Screen Saver section. Here is where you will chose the Apple Watch screen saver and set the amount of time you want to pass before the screen saver kicks in.

Apple Watch - Screen Saver - Settings

You can also Preview the screen saver, by clicking Preview.

Macbook - Apple Watch

The Apple Watch screen saver is a cool addition to any device, adding a little more flair than the normal clock screen saver. Let us know what you think about the Apple Watch screen saver in the comment section.