How to Use Apple Pencil with Any iPhone or iPad

BY Ali Hassan Mahdi

Published 4 Aug 2018

Apple Pencil is one of the key accessories that can be used with iPad Pro and the latest iPad model (6th generation). With Apple Pencil, you can easily draw and sketch on your iPad, quickly jot down important notes, mark up an email, and do much more.

If you happen to own an Apple Pencil, then you must be aware that it supports iPad Pro and the new iPad model only, so if you attempt to use it with an iPhone or older models of iPad, then it won’t work. This is because you first have to pair it with a supported iOS device before you can use it to its full potential.

Now there’s a nice little trick discovered by YouTuber iDeviceHelp that lets you use an Apple Pencil with any iPhone or iPad model. As you’ll see in the video below, you can wrap multiple layers of napkin around the tip of the Apple Pencil and apply some water to it to make it damp. This automagically lets you use your Apple Pencil with any iPhone or iPad as well as draw and sketch whatever you want.

The key element here is to make sure that the tip of the Apple Pencil is sticking out while covering it’s surrounding with a slightly wet napkin. Although this trick is not as convenient, it helps to put your Apple Pencil to a better use.

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If you decide to give this trick a try, do let us know how it goes in the comments below.