Report: Apple Planned to Launch Samsung S-Pen Like Apple Pencil Along With iPhone 14

BY Sriansh

Published 24 Nov 2022

iPad Pro Apple Pencil Unsplash

Apple reportedly had plans to launch a Samsung S-Pen like stylus, called Apple Pencil Maker, alongside iPhone 14 this year. However, its launch was scrapped at the last minute.

The report comes from reliable leaker Duan Rui (via Weibo), who says that Apple originally planned to launch a cheaper Apple Pencil at its September event. This version of the Apple Pencil would have been compatible with iPhones and would have also solved one of the major complaints about the iPad 10.

According to the report, this version of the Apple Pencil apparently lacked pressure-sensing technology and a battery. Instead, it featured a custom-made Apple chip that would draw power through the screen, much like how the Samsung S-Pen works. 

Apple was reportedly planning to price this cheaper version of the Apple Pencil at $49, and it would have also worked with iPhones. However, the project was reportedly “terminated” close to launch. While the reasons are unknown, it is said that Apple had even stocked more than one million units at that time. 

While the source of the leak has a little sketchy track record and should be taken with a grain of salt, it is worth paying attention to the claims made. Nonetheless, Apple has scrapped its launch, and we don’t expect this product to make it to the market.

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Source: WeiboVia: Twitter