Instagram Live Takes on Clubhouse with New Option to Mute Audio and Turn off Video

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 29 Apr 2021

All of a sudden audio-based social networks seem to be in a rage. Inspired by Clubhouse’s raging success, Instagram recently added new features within Messenger rooms. Instagram has now gone one step ahead and introduced two new features for Instagram Live.

Starting today, Instagram Live users will be able to mute the audio and turn off their camera during a live video session. According to the company, the new features will enhance Livestream experiences by offering more options to the streamer. Furthermore, it will also help the streamer focus on the gist while not worrying about how they look.

The audio off and video off features for Instagram Live are a welcome addition. However, both the feature are seemingly inspired by Clubhouse. Especially the audio-only option rivals Clubhouse and creates a space for serious conversations without distractions. That said, users will still not be able to mute others or turn off the video stream of others.

Instagram recently announced three audio-centric features. It includes soundbites, a short-form audio platform, podcast creation tools, and Live rooms. Instagram is also taking on TikTok with a new Remix feature for Reels. In the upcoming months, it is adding new options that allow users to better manage like counts.

Instagram has already tested the new feature during an Instagram Live between Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram. The new feature will be available for all iOS users starting today. On a related note, Instagram is also working on a new version of its app meant for Kids under 13.

[via TechCrunch]