Instagram Mandates Birthday Details To Keep Using the App

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 30 Aug 2021

Instagram started asking newer members for birthdates beginning in 2019. However, Instagram spared the old accounts, and the users continue without giving away their birthday. Now Instagram says that all users are required to add their birthday.

The press release says you need to add your birthday details on Instagram apps compulsorily. One can continue to ignore the prompts to a certain extent. Eventually, they will have to add a birthday to use the Instagram app; yes, you heard it right, Instagram could stop you from using the app until and unless you add birthday details.

If you don’t add birthday, Instagram will show a prompt every time-sensitive content pops up on the feed. Instagram has been blurring sensitive content for years. However, if you have not entered birthday details, you will no longer view sensitive content.

This information allows us to create new safety features for young people and helps ensure we provide the right experiences to the right age group. Recent examples include changes we made in March to prevent adults from sending messages to people under 18 who don’t follow them, and last month, we started to default new accounts belonging to people under the age of 16 into a private setting.”

Instagram claims that the data is required for a new feature that helps in protecting young people. Earlier this year, Instagram revealed that it is working on “Instagram for Kids.” The new platform will feature additional protection for users below 13 years.

Wondering what would happen if you lie about your birthday? Well, Instagram says it is developing an AI-backed feature that can detect such instances and ask users to correct them. We hope that birthday is not just another data point for the Facebook-owned company.

[via Instagram]