Instagram Will Focus on Videos, Transparency in 2022

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 29 Dec 2021


In a post on Twitter, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri shared the image-sharing platform’s priorities going into 2022. He mentioned the focus will remain on video content, transparency, and giving users control over sensitive content.

In 2022, Instagram will increase its focus on video. For the end-user, this could translate into more features to make Reels entertaining, and a content feed that prioritizes videos over images.

“Two important themes were video, our focus on Reels, starting to consolidate our video format and build new creative tools, and control, giving people more ways to shape Instagram into what’s best for them with things like the sensitive content control, with the ability to hide like counts, with extending hidden words to DMs.

We’re going to double down on our focus on video, we’re no longer just a photo-sharing app, and consolidate all of our video formats around Reels and continue to grow that product.”

Back in October, Instagram said that the “Video” tab on its main app will be the new hub for all video-format content, including Reels, IGTV, feed videos, and live streams. The tab is currently located just beside the Reels tab. The company is doing so because video-related Instagram spin-off apps like IGTV did not strike a chord with users.

Additionally, Mosseri mentions that in 2022, Instagram will focus on transparency. Even though you would be inclined to take this tall claim with a pinch of salt, he has taken steps in this direction. Earlier this year, he released stories explaining how Instagram’s algorithm works. He also released new control features, one of which was Instagram Kids. Mosseri also reiterated the company’s ongoing focus on messaging as a primary form of interaction, and creators that make the platform what it is. Explaining the route map for 2022, he said:

“We’re going to not only double down on our work on controls but expand into doing more around transparency. We think it’s important that people understand how Instagram works if they’re going to shape it into what they want or what’s best for them.”

If you missed out, the plan to launch Instagram Kids stirred up a controversy after Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen leaked internal documents that showed Instagram was well aware of its detrimental impact on children’s mental well-being. The company was eventually forced to shelve the plan amid mounting public pressure.

That said, no mention was made of a long-awaited Instagram app for iPad. What do you think of Instagram’s priorities for 2022? Tell us in the comments section below!