iOS 16 Makes It Easier to Convert Units of Measurement in Messages and Other Apps

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 16 Jun 2022

iOS 16 Unsplash

Apple mentioned a lot of new features when it announced iOS 16 on stage at WWDC 2022. Although the revamped lock screen makes it worth the upgrade, this iOS update packs several quality-of-life improvements, such as unit conversions. This recently-discovered feature could be a boon if you work with an international team or have friends and family living overseas.

When collaborating with international teams or just interacting with friends and family living overseas, units of measurement for weight, length, temperature, etc., hamstring the seamlessness of the conversation. Some countries use pounds, inches, and gallons, while others use kilograms, meters, and liters. MacStories editor-in-chief Federico Viticci took to Twitter to share that iOS 16 makes it easy to convert units to the ones you use locally.

When your friend in Asia says they are boiling up in 45-degree Celsius heat, you just need to tap on the Celsius measurement on your iPhone to see the conversion to Fahrenheit. Viticci notes that the conversions are available “everywhere,” including in the Messages app.

iOS 16 converts the units for almost every daily-use measurement which doesn’t have a standardized unit, including currency, weight, volume, time zones, etc. Developers are the only ones able to enjoy this feature at present. When an iOS 16 public beta build rolls out in June, more people will be able to avail the convenience. Besides this, Apple has included many more new features in iOS 16.