Get iOS 7 Lock Screen on your Mac with this Screensaver

BY Jason

Published 18 Jan 2014


If you’re a fan of iOS 7’s new design language, and want to bring some of it to the Mac, then you might want to have a look at BodySoulSpirit, a Mac screensaver that brings the iOS 7 lock screen to OS X.

Here’s how you install it:

  • Download the BodySoulSpirit DMG from the download link on this page, and open it once the download is over
  • Click on the “Install iOS 7” file.

ios 7 mac lockscreen 1

  • After clicking, the installer should soon tell you that the installation has finished.
  • Now open the System Preferences app and navigate to “Desktop and Screen Saver” > Screen Saver
  • Scroll to the iOS 7 lock screen wallpaper and select it
  • You have an option of changing certain screen saver specific settings in the right section, including the unlock text, wallpaper and more.
  • You can click on Preview to see how the screen saver looks like, and choose to start the screensaver from a “Hot Corner”

ios 7 mac lock screen

  • If you’ve set a hot corner, the wallpaper will trigger whenever you bring you mouse to the specified corner, or it’ll trigger if there’s no activity for 20 minutes (a duration you can configure)

ios 7 mac lockscreen 2

  • Once the screensaver is active, you can press any key and you’ll be asked to enter your password

As always, let us know how it goes.

[via OS X Daily]