iPad mini in-dash car mount—The Coolest Thing We’ve Seen Today

BY Tris Hussey

Published 2 Nov 2012

While everyone is talking about how to use their iPad minis day-to-day, how about using it door-to-door. Like in the car. Too soon for something like that? Oh how wrong you are!

Soundwaves of Tampa Florida must have either the fastest fabricators on Earth or they were able to do make an in-dash place for the iPad mini with just the info available online. Regardless of how they did it, they did it they put an iPad mini into a Toyota Corolla dash with a very cool pop out, slide in, pop back system. If that wasn’t enough, they connected it with a digital audio system (I’m guessing Bluetooth) so you can control the music without needing to touch your iPad mini.

Yes, there is a distraction factor here that you can’t ignore, but the passenger could check maps, pick music, look up things—all the things you’d need on a drive. The interesting part is how easy the mini slides in into the dashboard. I’m betting you can just do it on the fly. Read a book as a passenger, then slide the mini into the dash so the driver can see the map and probably not even interrupt the tunes.

I think we’re just seeing the beginning  of this kind of thing. I’m betting we’ll see more and more tablets, or spaces for tablets in cars very, very soon.

Check out the video from Soundwaves…it’s just awesome:

Would you want a tablet mounted in your car’s dashboard?

Hat tip: 9to5Mac