Leak: iPhone 13 Could Feature New Face ID Hardware That Works With Masks

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 25 Aug 2021

iphone 13 new face id face mask

iPhone 13, or iPhone 12s — whatever Apple ends up calling it – is just a few weeks away now. Reports claim Apple is hosting an event on 17th September to announce the new iPhone. Now, a new report has surfaced that claims that Apple is testing a new Face ID hardware that could work with masks, and could debut with iPhone 13 series.

The new report comes from popular Apple leaker Jon Prosser, who claims that Apple is currently testing the new hardware on an iPhone 12 device. The case allows the ‌iPhone‌ to bypass its built-in Face ID system to use that of the case instead. He also claims that the size of the iPhone 13’s notch that was leaked earlier matches the size of the new Face ID hardware leaked today.

The images he presented in his report today are not the ones that Apple is testing. He says Apple is testing the new hardware rigorously with Apple employees are being “asked to wear masks AND glasses to test the new hardware.” “Some tests are conducted with masks on / masks off. Others are conducted with glasses on / glasses off while wearing a mask,” says the report.

Employees that were a part of the test were simply asked to perform the tests but were not told why the tests were being conducted or what changes are there in the new sensor. The new hardware reportedly allows iPhones to unlock with Face ID while wearing a mask, without the aid of an Apple Watch, and with foggy glasses.

The tests were conducted fairly recently, according to Jon Prosser, so it’s likely that Apple might not release the feature with iPhone 13 after all. What are your expectations from iPhone 13? Do you think iPhone 13 will feature the new Face ID technology? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

[Via FrontPageTech]