iPhone 13 Series Could Feature Vapor Chamber Cooling System

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 15 Jan 2021

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Apart from detailing the upcoming 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also shed some light on the iPhone 13 series.

The analyst says that Apple is “aggressively testing” including a vapor chamber cooling system on the iPhone 13 series for 2021. The robust cooling system will be required to better dissipate heat that will be generated by heavy usage of 5G and intense CPU usage. A better cooling system will allow the iPhone 13 series to offer better and longer sustained performance. It will also ensure that the devices stay cool when under heavy load.

Vapor cooling systems in smartphones is not new, with many Android gaming smartphones from Razer, Asus, and others making use of it. One of the downsides of a vapor cooling chamber is that it adds a notable heft to the device, though it does ensure that these gaming phones remain relatively cool even after hours of gaming session.

At the moment, it is unclear if the vapor cooling chamber will pass all of Apple’s requirements and testing and whether the company will go ahead with incorporating it in its 2021 iPhone lineup. Kuo, however, is optimistic about the vapor chamber reliability improving and passing Apple’s testing. It is possible that Apple only ends up including a vapor cooling chamber in the pro models of the iPhone 13 series.

Apple is expected to use faster A-series chips, an improved 5G modem, and a high refresh rate display on its iPhone 13 series. All these improvements will generate more heat which the vapor cooling system could dissipate more effectively.