Report: iPhone 13 to Launch with Larger Batteries, mmWave 5G in Additional Countries

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 12 Aug 2021

iPhone 13 small notch

According to a new report from Taiwanese research firm TrendForce, iPhone 13 series is set to have a better 5nm+ process node manufactured A15 Bionic, larger batteries, and will support mmWave 5G in more countries.

TrendForce is pretty accurate when it comes to predictions about the new iPhone. Last year, the firm accurately predicted that iPhone 12 series will not come with a charger in box. Today, the firm highlighted its ‘expectations’ for this year’s iPhone 13 lineup.

According to the report, iPhone 13 series will have a power-efficient and better-performing A15 Bionic processor. The A15 Bionic will be based on a 5nm+ process node manufacturing technique. As highlighted by previous reports, A15 Bionic will indeed be based on an ‘enhanced’ TSMC manufacturing technique. Reports say TSMC has already started chip production for iPhone 13 lineup.

The report also claims iPhone 13 will have better mmWave 5G support. According to TrendForce, iPhone 13 will expand mmWave 5G network support to ‘more’ countries outside the United States. The report hasn’t mentioned any specific numbers on how many countries will get the mmWave model.

In addition to these, iPhone 13 will come with a larger battery than its predecessor. This is most likely to support the extra internal circuit of the mmWave 5G. Previous reports say we can see over 3,000 mAh battery in this year’s iPhone 13.

As for the pricing, TrendForce says the iPhone 13 lineup will be priced at nearly the same cost as iPhone 12. The report even says we could see a September release, which has also been rumored before.

iPhone 13 is getting closer day by day. What features are you expecting from Apple’s next-generation iPhone? Are you considering buying iPhone 13, or will you purchase last year’s iPhone 12? Let us know in the comments section below!

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